Recruiting in Nantes Saint-Nazaire

List of candidates

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Patrick Hermant / Attaché Commercial B to B Bilingue Anglais

Submitted on 22/11/2018

Hassan Mounna / CND

Submitted on 21/11/2018

Alice NEVEU / Chargé de communication

Submitted on 22/11/2018

Nadej Gunalp / Conception IHM

Submitted on 27/11/2018

sylvain Ciuba / Communication / Marketing

Submitted on 29/11/2018

EMILIE NARDON / Chargée de mission - projet culturel et éducatif

Submitted on 10/12/2018


Submitted on 06/12/2018

Pauline VALETTE / Chargée de communication

Submitted on 30/11/2018

Violaine Bretin / Chef de projet de communication

Submitted on 06/12/2018

Vincent NGUYEN / Technicien de laboratoire

Submitted on 19/11/2018

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