Recruiting in Nantes Saint-Nazaire

List of candidates

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Delphine LE BEUZE / Chef de Publicité, Chef de Projet

Submitted on 28/01/2019

Audrey Fourne / Ingénieur / Gestion de projet

Submitted on 24/01/2019

Océane Bastide De Grave / Assistante/Chargée de communication

Submitted on 30/01/2019

Cedric Gaborit / Responsable Logistique

Submitted on 31/01/2019

Jean-Pascal LOUVANCOURT / Responsable Administratif et Financier

Submitted on 18/02/2019

Guillaume Bernardeau / Communication, marketing digital, e-commerce

Submitted on 31/01/2019

Stéphanie Avenard / Directrice de la communication

Submitted on 31/01/2019

alexia villa / juriste

Submitted on 24/01/2019

Thierry Sionneau / Directeur BU et ou Commercial Marketing

Submitted on 01/02/2019

Diane Galerne / Assistante administrative

Submitted on 04/02/2019

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