Urban regeneration


Reinventing from within

A former industrial site of over 300 hectares, between two arms of the Loire, the Ile de Nantes is the focal point of the revitalization that began when the shipyards closed in the late 1990s. Located in the heart of town, the southwest area of the island features unique development potential, with the Creative Arts District and the relocation of the University Hospital by 2026. 

Cultural and creative industries

In Nantes, contemporary art and culture are essential components of urban renewal. In these iconic former shipyards, the renovated Alstom Halls houses the digital tech centre of the University of Nantes, the Cantine Numérique/NantesTech, a business park and the restaurant of the Voyage à Nantes.

During this second phase of development, the National Wholesale Market (2nd largest in France) has been relocated to the new "Agropolia" agri-food hub near Nantes in 2019.

The new School of Fine Arts has been housed in a different Hall, based on a concept by architect Franklin Azzi. Another symbol of Nantes creativity, the Nantes School of Design will also relocate here in 2022.

A new ultra-modern hospital

Urban renewal on the Ile de Nantes continues, with a new ultra-modern hospital for an investment of one billion euros by 2026. A 50,000-m2 Healthcare District will combine businesses, educational institutions and research centres (Faculty of Medicine and medical schools). This will help strengthen Nantes' position as a major hub in the field of healthcare and biotechnology.   

Redevelopment in Saint-Nazaire

In Saint-Nazaire, waterfront reclamation continues with Front de Mer 3, the last phase of a comprehensive program that extends from the Place de l’Hôtel de Ville to the former pumping station, to offer residents a lovely 3-km promenade facing the Atlantic Ocean.

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