Commercial and industrial sites map

Ar Mor

Northwest of Nantes (St. Herblain), close to the ring road and the Atlantis Shopping Centre, this business park boasts 110,000 m² of office space and services. Large corporations and SMEs have moved here, including Veolia Environnement, IMA Technologies, SopraSteria, Oceanet Technology and the Euptouyou business centre.


Located between the railway station and the Loire River, the Euronantes international business district is a mixed-use development featuring businesses, housing and public facilities. It currently boasts 400,000 m² of office space and 4,000 jobs. In 2025, it will represent 600,000 m² of office space and 10,000 jobs. Euronantes is home to the corporate headquarters of, Capgemini, FIDELIA Assistance, and the Regus business centre. 

Ile de Nantes

In central Nantes, the Ile de Nantes is a dynamic area where people live and work, with 22,000 jobs and 13,000 homes. It represents a potential one million buildable square meters, including 300,000 m² dedicated to business activities. The Ile de Nantes is home to the Creative Arts District, with the presence of the Machines de l’Ile and the Great Elephant. This is where businesses in the cultural and creative industries thrive, with dedicated spaces like the Karting, the Centrale, and soon a business development centre in a renovated Alstom hall, alongside a university centre, the Cantine Numérique, the School of Fine Arts and the School of Design. Plans call for the new University Hospital and healthcare district to be completed here by 2025.

La Chantrerie

Northeast of Nantes, near the A11 motorway, along the Erdre River, La Chantrerie hosts high tech and service companies like Fit Conseil, Sodexo, Wiztivi, Vorwerk France, and higher education institutions such as the Ecole des Mines, Polytech Nantes, Ecole du Bois and the Atlanpole technology park, for a total of over 1,400 employees and 3,500 students. Also present on the site, the Hub Creatic, dedicated to digital tech businesses, is home to some thirty companies. 

The agri-food hub

South of Nantes, along the ring road, a 54-hectare park is under construction to host agri-food businesses. The national wholesale market (2nd largest in France) relocated here in 2019. Thirty hectares will be devoted to food production, processing and conservation activities. The site offers a business incubator, a logistics platform and equipped land - from 1400 m² to several hectares.

Jules Verne industrial innovation hub

The Jules Verne industrial innovation hub spans 70 hectares south of Nantes, near Nantes Atlantique Airport. Dedicated to innovation and manufacturing excellence, it already hosts the technological research platforms Technocampus Ocean and Technocampus Composites. The Jules Verne House, headquarters of the Jules Verne IRT, the EMC2 cluster and the Manufacturing Academy, a training plant for industrial production, are expected to open there in 2019. Some 8,500 people work at the hub in the aerospace sector, at Airbus and equipment supplier Daher, in shipbuilding, renewable energy and the automotive sector, and an additional 5,000 jobs will be added by 2025.

Saint-Nazaire - Ville Ouest

Just steps from the higher education cluster, the Ville Ouest neighbourhood is home to the Georges Charpac Cité Sanitaire health district, including the Cap Santé medical centre, and soon the KPLA commercial development featuring 2500 sqm of offices and shops. There are also residential services on the site (childcare, primary school, shopping centre, etc.). This large urban development will boast 300 new apartments by 2020. A number of residential hotel projects with shops on street level are also underway. It is ideally served by the Hélyce public transit line and major roads.

Saint-Nazaire - Quartier Gare

Train Station District: Located in close proximity to the railway station and the city centre, the business district of Saint-Nazaire offers a diverse range of office space (coworking spaces, business development centres, office buildings), services and shops. In this area you will find communication businesses (Ouest-France, Précom, Popamine), engineering firms (Akajoule, SIER, Ardatem), business services (accountants, Venetis) as well as personal services (CAF, STRAN, CARENE). With a global offering of 15,000 sqm of tertiary activity, this booming area will feature a 12,000 sqm mixed-use offering (housing, offices and shops) by 2019. The site will also be renovated, and the train station will be expanded. A new multimodal hub will improve access to the area.

Saint-Nazaire - Brais

Located west of the town of Saint-Nazaire and strategically positioned midway between the Guérande peninsula and the Saint-Nazaire agglomeration, the Brais business park is dedicated to skilled trade, industrial and service activities that represent 3500 jobs. It includes several business centres tailored to very small to medium enterprises. The site has developed land available and significant land reserves.

Saint-Nazaire - CADREAN

With easy access to the Saint-Nazaire road, rail, air and port facilities, CADRÉAN Business Park offers a strategic environment. It is home to large corporations such as Airbus and the logistics company IDEA, as well as cutting edge research hubs like the Smart Factory Technocampus.

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