An ultra-connected metropolitan area

A new railway station in Nantes in 2019

Since 2019, the Nantes Train Station has doubled its capacity (20 million passengers). Architect Rudy Ricciotti, designer of the MuCEM in Marseille, was chosen to design the new station. The construction on the north and south entrances facilitates access to the train station and the Euronantes business district (600,000 m2 of office space) for all modes of transport (tram, bus, bike). This renovation represents 123 million euros of direct public investment. 

Renovation of the Saint-Nazaire Railway Station

In Saint-Nazaire, the high speed train station 35 minutes from Nantes has been upgraded and expanded in 2019, providing improved access and intermodal transport options, for an investment of 15 million euros. 

Port of Nantes Saint-Nazaire: new capacities

Largest port on the Atlantic coast, the Grand Port Maritime Nantes Saint-Nazaire is positioned as the key French port in terms of the energy and ecological transition, with a 2015-2020 strategic project for an investment of 170 million euros. Since  2017, it is able to accommodate larger container ships to diversify and expand its operations and port traffic. 

Coming to Nantes Saint-Nazaire

National and international connections 

  • 1 hour from Paris by air, 2 hours by train (21 trains / day) and 2:40 from Paris to Saint-Nazaire
  • 8 daily flights to Paris
  • Airport 15 minutes from the city centre
  • To book your flight : Nantes Airport website

Sustainable modes of travel

  • An intercity bus runs between Nantes and Saint-Nazaire in less than 30 minutes 
  • Easy, sustainable transit with easy transfers thanks to an efficient network of trams, tram-trains and river buses connecting all the venues. 
  • Among the top 10 bicycle friendly cities worldwide
  • 355 km of bicycle paths - 880 Bicloo bike-sharing bikes and 102 stations
  • More than 50 Marguerite car-sharing stations
  • To plan your travel and book your e-tickets, discover the public transit networks on mobile apps: 

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