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Fastest job growth in France

Digital tech in Nantes Saint-Nazaire boasts large corporations and innovative start-ups, numerous tech-related study programmes and support from local governments. The area features a subtle blend of tech culture, enthusiasm and creativity that cultivates an environment conducive to development. Buoyed by the momentum, Nantes Saint-Nazaire posts the fastest growth in tech jobs in France.

20 tech study programmes

Nantes Saint-Nazaire offers more than 20 tech-related study programmes, with 1,200 IT graduates per year (Polytech, École des Mines, École Centrale, Epitech, Architecture School, Design School...).

Halle 6, a dedicated space

In 2020 tech companies will have a dedicated space, the Halle 6 in the Creative Arts District on the Ile de Nantes. It will house a university centre dedicated to digital culture, a business park and the Cantine and will complement the offering of Hub CREATIC.


Web2day is THE event showcasing digital tech in Nantes Saint-Nazaire, and it is famous worldwide. The 3-day event features discussions, inspiration, networking and socializing. More than 500 events a year.

Tech is growing faster in Nantes Saint-Nazaire than anywhere else in France. New start-up creation (up 61,4% over 5 years) and job growth (up 40%) is higher here than in other cities. It's no wonder Nantes was among the first to earn the French Tech label.

An inspiring atmosphere

Some 1,200 new students graduate each year with degrees in one of more than twenty tech-related majors in Nantes-Saint-Nazaire, from the University or one of the grandes écoles (Polytech Nantes, École des Mines, École Centrale, Epitech, Design School). Companies and entrepreneurs looking for new talent know they'll find what they need here, which attracts business relocations and start-ups alike.

Tech success stories

Many success stories have bolstered the reputation of Nantes Saint-Nazaire, thereby encouraging others! In e-commerce, companies like Lengow, iAdvize, Akeneo, which started in Nantes, are enjoying hypergrowth and raising huge amounts of funding. Research at University of Nantes or via the incubator of the École des Mines has helped the Nantes Saint-Nazaire tech sector flourish in software publishing, virtual reality, robotics/cobotics and connected objects.


A dynamic eco-system...

La FrenchTech Nantes and La French Tech Saint-Nazaire has a reputation as the leading tech hub in France. It is highly regarded both a creative campus with excellent quality of life (20 beaches nearby, less than two hours from Paris by high speed train) and as an ecosystem of complementary businesses, from large corporations to start-ups to digital service companies (Accenture, Capgemini, Smile). At the heart of this thriving metro area, there are countless market opportunities: cultural and creative industries, industries of the future, e-health, energy transition and more.


...and networks that open doors

Entrepreneurship is supported by a network of institutional and economic stakeholders, including la Cantine, ADN'Ouest, the competitive cluster Images and Networks and Le Palace. With over 500 events a year, artists and engineers, businesses and students meet in an environment of "creative friction". The Web2day festival, the largest web event in France held in June each year, showcases the latest trends in innovation.  In late September, all the tech cultures come together for Digital Week.
This favourable environment continues to grow. The Hub Creatic, which fosters digital innovation, offers a business incubator and a business park within the campus.
And the new Alstom Halls in the Creative Arts District on the Ile de Nantes will be redeveloped into an iconic building symbolizing Nantes Tech, where new success stories will be written.

Nantes, European capital of proptech

Born in 2018 in Nantes, the French Proptech movement brings together start ups in real estate 2.0 who put their innovations to the service of housing, real estate and construction. Here, a dynamic digital ecosystem couples with a 300 hectare-wide urban project to invent the city of tomorrow and establish Nantes as the European Capital of Proptech.


Key figures


digital jobs in Nantes in 2021

636 M€

foundraising in 2022


graduates / year

This sector is growing exponentially in Nantes Saint-Nazaire, with companies like Lengow, iAdvize, Talend, Akeneo, Sparklane, and more. More than 300 companies and more than 2,000 jobs.