Health / Biotechnology

Mathieu EVRARD
Business Development Manager - Health

A networking mindset and transdisciplinary collaboration across all local stakeholders make the Nantes healthcare sector a national or global leader in several specialties. Start-ups are continually being created in this sector, doubling in number in the last decade.

Atlanpole Biotherapies, superior appeal

Atlanpole Biotherapies is one of the most economically attractive and dynamic clusters for the development of biotherapeutics in France. It boasts the highest number of projects funded in France, attracts a large number of researchers - one thousand over the last decade - and promotes the emergence of start-ups.

Radiopharmaceuticals: the only hub in France

Isotop4life is the leading French consortium that brings together the industrial and academic communities to innovate in the field of radiopharmaceuticals. It pools and coordinates resources and stakeholders concerned by the use of radioisotopes for health.

Arronax promotes research, treatments and diagnostics

Arronax – Accelerator for Research in Radiochemistry and Oncology at Nantes Atlantique – manages the Arronax cyclotron, a world-class particle accelerator dedicated to the production of radioisotopes. Its applications include medical imaging, radiation therapy, as well as research (nuclear medicine, nuclear physics and nuclear chemistry).

On the cutting edge in three fields

Biotherapeutics are a priority for economic development in Nantes Saint-Nazaire. Atlanpole Biotherapies, an interregional competitiveness cluster, brings together over 80 companies working in the life sciences and health. Some are European or world leaders in their respective fields, like Eurofins (bio-analysis) Valneva (vaccines against emerging infectious diseases) and Biomérieux. It brings together 51 laboratories and 42 technology platforms. The research focuses on three main themes: immunotherapy, radiopharmaceuticals and regenerative medicine.

A magnet hospital for transplants

Nantes University Hospital has a unit dedicated to heart and lung transplants, and ranks second in France for this specialty. It also has the Urology and Nephrology Transplant Institute, a leading European transplant centre for kidney and pancreas transplants. The Institute also formed the European Centre for Transplantation and Immunotherapy Sciences (CESTI), which holds some twenty patents and licenses. 

The "Hospital of the Future" in Nantes in 2026

The relocation of the future University Hospital on the Ile de Nantes creates new opportunities for the biotechnology and health sector. In 2026, the future University Hospital will be located in the Healthcare District, on the Ile de Nantes. In addition to a new hospital, a full-fledged medical education district will be created, bringing together faculties of medicine, dentistry, research institutes and paramedical studies.
Located on the Ile de Nantes, this project is a continuation of the concept of the Creative Arts District, where the University of Nantes will set up its Interdisciplinary University Centre dedicated to Digital Cultures in late 2019. With more than 10,000 students on the Ile de Nantes, a new campus will soon materialise in the city centre.
This development project aims to position Nantes at the forefront of the Hospital of the Future. 

Creative Care Factory

The Nantes Biotech building, adjoining the new Health Research Institute (by 2020), is already home to biotechnology companies.

Digisanté, Pulsio Santé, Mobidys, Atmotrack, Directosante, Wello, Team Officine, My Welper, Benevolt and Recipro-cite are among the dozen or so innovative companies in the field of health,well-being and better living that have taken up quarters in the Creative Care Factory at the headquarters of Harmonie Mutuelle, in the Creative Factory.

Key figures


research laboratories and 42 technology platforms with more than 1,000 researchers in the life sciences.


companies are present at Atlanpole Biotherapies.

1 billion

euros will be invested to build the future University Hospital on the Ile de Nantes.

There are more than 60 institutions, research labs and healthcare units, businesses, technology platforms and hospital facilities in this field focusing on research and innovation on antibodies, vaccines against cancer and autoimmune and infectious diseases.
Under the banner "Isotop4Life", some forty institutions in Pays de la Loire as well as the Brittany and Centre regions are working together on several group projects.
Regenerative medicine
The members of Atlanpole Biotherapies develop innovative solutions to address the shortage of organs, as well as solutions for immunological care for transplant patients. They are experimenting with new therapeutic approaches for bone and joint diseases, dermatology, oncology, pulmonology and rare diseases.
A dozen or so innovative companies in the field of health,well-being and better living have taken up quarters on the same floor at the headquarters of Harmonie Mutuelle, in the Creative Factory. The University of Nantes won the "E-Health trophy 2016" for Noa, an assistive robot developed to improve compliance of asthmatic children in taking their long-term control medications.
Hybrid technologies
Businesses and research organizations work together at the interregional level, in sectors such as electronics and materials, providing the biomarkers, vectors, medical devices, instrumentation, experimental models, processes and software solutions needed to support the therapeutic innovations developed at Atlanpole Biotherapies.