Coworking in Nantes

Coworking in Nantes: specialised or general?

The Nantes Saint-Nazaire metro area boasts some forty coworking spaces. These shared workplaces are aimed at professionals with varied profiles, who all share the same credo: innovation and well-being at work.
Whatever your profile, you'll find what you're looking for! Most of the coworking spaces serve a wide variety of professionals. Some target a specific field: media, design, web, consulting, etc. Others target a specific audience: startups, freelancers, employees of large corporations, solopreneurs, artists, non-profits, etc.

Choosing the best coworking space for you in Nantes

In the city centre of Nantes, Le Palace serves some 20 startups and innovation teams from major corporations, in a shared 1000-m2 workspace. Just ten minutes on foot from the Nantes train station, la Terrasse brings together a community of freelancers looking to create synergies in a welcoming office environment. At the Creative Factory on the Ile de Nantes in the city centre, you can hang out on the sunny rooftop of La Cantine coworking space, with a community focused on digital tech.  

Also on the Ile de Nantes, the Solilab, dedicated to social entrepreneurs, offers individual and shared offices. In town, coworking spaces associated with childcare facilities are beginning to crop up. West of Nantes, just twelve minutes by car from the airport, the Euptouyou business centre (photo) boasts 2200 m2 of fully equipped office space. Tastefully decorated, the Workcenter attracts field staff and freelancers.

Coworking in Nantes: innovative spaces featuring the Nantes touch!

In Nantes, coworking doesn't mean just a place to work. The shared workspaces in Nantes Saint-Nazaire are real communities of people from diverse backgrounds, fostering creativity and collective emulation. Creative projects developed jointly by coworkers are frequent occurrences.

Coworking in Nantes: by the day or the year

By the hour, the half-day, the day, the month, or the year. The coworking spaces in Nantes Saint-Nazaire offer plans tailored to everyone's needs, desires and budget. On average, a shared office rents for 220 euros per month plus VAT. At the Startup Palace, a spot in the coworking space costs 200 euros per month plus VAT. The rates for closed offices, for multiple people, start at 800 euros per month plus VAT (for four people).

How to reserve your coworking space in Nantes

If you are just getting your project off the ground, the Nantes Saint-Nazaire Development staff can provide free support services to help you get set up in Nantes.

If you are already here, you should contact the coworking space you're interested in directly. If there are no vacancies, be sure to get on the waiting list. Click here to see an updated map of coworking spaces in Nantes.